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Bareback Jack (Nicholson) Sets Me Straight on Sex

Jack goes on the record about sex, sex and sex in in this month’s Rolling Stone interview:

Interviewer Erik Hedegaard: ”[W]hen the AIDS crisis started, he [Nicholson] tried wearing condoms, but they prevented him from feeling the “full catasrophe” of the sex act, so he went to a doctor, who told him not to worry about getting AIDS, so he no longer wears condoms.”

The reporter fails to add, “And is just faaaan-tastic.” The journalist lets us know he feels the need to parse Nicholson, as though Nicholson couldn’t be saying what he’s saying.

But he’s saying it:

Nicholson: “I went to my doctor and got a very specific scientific analysis, which boiled down to, unless you’re a shooter or something else, you’re as likely to have this problem as to have a safe fall on your head. I mean, look at it logically. If you understand numbers at all, just by geometrical progression, if it were all true, everybody’s dead by now.”

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