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Happy Christmas to Joyce Ann Hafford, From All of Us

Celia Farber has done something wonderful in posting this page:

Joyce Ann Hafford

Joyce Ann Hafford died about five weeks into a government drug trial, with the drug Nevirapine. She was put on the drug because she is a black woman living in the South, and is thus, considered to be in the “high risk” category for the blanket-diagnosis we call “AIDS.”

While pregnant, she was given a quick, nonspecific antibody test (called an HIV test), and given her color and location, it was decided that the test meant something specific: namely that she was fair game to re-market a drug called Nevirapine, which had already made a mark on those who’d taken it. Namely liver failure and fatal skin loss.

Unaware of this, and uninformed by her doctors, Joyce Ann went on the ‘experimental treatment’. She became ill, with a rash and liver malfunction, and died of liver failure moments after the caesarian section that was needed to pull her child from her failing body.

The docs would’ve liked to blame that useful devil, AIDS, but they made the mistake of admitting that it was the drug.

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