Crack Causes Aids? Sure, When There’s Money to be Made


“While crack cocaine seems to account for the rise in the murder rate of black youths in the 1980s, as well as more moderate increases in a wide range of adverse birth outcomes, the damaging social impact of crack fades a decade later.”

“Between 1984 and 1994, the homicide rate for black males aged 14 to 17 more than doubled, and the homicide rate for black males aged 18 to 24 increased nearly as much.”

“During this period, the black community also experienced an increase in fetal death rates, low birth-weight babies, weapons arrests, and the number of children in foster care.”

Imagine that. All of those babies!.dying because they’re born addicted to crack! in “Newark, Philadelphia, New York, Oakland!”

Crack Cocaine. Hmmm. Not a sexually-transmitted (but not so much)..uhm, vir!well, you test for something, with a test that doesn’t test for anything!but anyway!it’s not that?

But Crack?

Not an STD that will definitely kill them (unless we drug them mercilessly …after 15 or 23 or 52 years?

But CRACK?!?!

Woooaaahhh!hard to imagine!really, challenging my belief systems! but alright!

And imagine what happens ten years later, when the ‘crack epidemic’ is over? (bad news, Gen. Noriega)

(Epidemic (modern usage) – anything that doesn’t affect wealthy, white people, but that allows them to punish, incarcerate, drug or monitor (and reduce) the population of non-wealthy, non-white people).

So, minus all that crack cocaine, The death rate in the “inner city,” as the NY Times would say, among the affected black foster children goes down.

(“Inner city,’ that’s a hell of an expression. What, does it mean – Park Avenue? That’s in the inner city. The Met? The Louvre? Inner city, inner city !hmm …)

Death rates down in black orphans – fewer “boarder babies’ – And it’s all due to the end of the crack era.

But wait. It can’t be. Because I’ve been told that it was “HIV” that kills black orphans.

I mean ! boy, you almost had me there ! what was I thinking? No, no, no, black babies live because of AZT, of course!! And thanks to pharmaceutical drug trials with life-saving (life-ending) billion-dollar wunderchemicals like Nevirapine!


No, it’s good that we used crack baby orphans in drug trials, because we saved their lives!

Get it? With AZT!

(And if you’re suggesting that the number of orphans decreased because the crack epidemic was brought under control!well, you’re crazy! You’re clearly a denialist, and we’re going to tell everybody that you are!na, na, na na na.)

This thought correction is brought to you by The Aids MafiaWhat can’t we figure out how to spin in our favor?”


3 thoughts on “Crack Causes Aids? Sure, When There’s Money to be Made

  1. Alligning drug use – crack and heroin – with AZT, HIV tests, etc.

    “I know that some of you are taking medication. We have been distributing AZT from this clinic for years now. Do you think that the medicine has helped?”

    “I can’t sleep at all since I tried it,” offered a woman staring into her folded arms. “I can’t get no one to help me get to sleep. And you know I’ve been to see you about this before Dr. Ram.”

    “Helen, I know you can’t get to sleep, and you know that we have been trying different ways of helping,” Dr. Ram replied “AZT has a different effect on each patient, but I think your sleeplessness has more to do with your being depressed than with the medicine you’re taking.”

    “To hell with that. And why shouldn’t I be depressed?” Helen began to raise her voice. “There ain’t no professionalism here. Where am I supposed to go…”

    “AZT scares the hell out of me,” said a man in his late twenties sitting off to the side. “Between the methadone to kick the heroin habit and AZT, life’s a joke. I can’t hardly gather the strength to get up in the morning. I can’t taste my food, or smell, and my body hurts so much that I just want to forget the whole damn thing and give it up.”

    Many in the group looked up from the floor at the mention of this and nodded in agreement. “I mean, how sick do you have to be to get well?”

    “I’ve been medicating myself since I was thirteen,” interrupted Helen, an ageless woman with powerful shoulders that poked from her sweater. “I made more mistakes than I was due. Now I’ve got AIDS and I’m gonna die. Why should I go on medicating myself with AZT until it’s all over.”

    “I’m no addict anymore. To me, drugs are just another way of keeping me quiet. Always have been. I don’t want those last few years if I just go on sleeping for fourteen hours a day and feelin’ like sleeping for the other ten.”

    “I can’t sit here and tell you that AZT will be your miracle drug,” said Dr. Scimeca. “One of the things you’ve got to face is that this medicine is a matter of risks and benefits. AZT helps to stave off the infection, but it has some nasty side effects. You have to decide what is going to help the most.”

    “No one’s going to make you take it, and in some instances, it only helps to a marginal extent. But without it, I know the chances of you just…deteriorating are considerably better. It’s a matter of weighing your fears as much as anything else.”

  2. Well, if I was labeled as “HIV positive” I certainly would not go to get AZT. Better one of the herbal treatments that are available, and even better the simple nutritional protocol outlined by Harold Foster in his free online publication “What Really Causes Aids”. F**** AZT – if there were any long term studies of the effects of that drug (which there aren’t) it would be off the market before we could blink an eye.

    Anyway, here is an interesting article I found yesterday:

    Iran unveils herbal remedy against AIDS

    Health Minister Kamran Baqeri Lankarani has announced that Iran’s scientists have produced a herbal medicine that boosts the human’s body immunity system against the HIV/AIDS virus.

    “The herbal-based medication, called IMOD, serves to control the AIDS virus and increases the body’s immunity,” Baqeri Lankarani was quoted as saying by the official news agency IRNA.

    “It is not a medication to kill the virus, it rather can be used besides other anti-retroviral drugs,” Baqeri Lankarani said on state radio.

    The drug, made after five years of research, has been tested on 200 patients, IRNA said, adding that it is considered the fifth generation of medications helping control the HIV/AIDS virus.

    “This is a substance good for both AIDS patients and those who carry the virus without showing the symptoms,” the director of the project, Mohammad Farhadi, told state television.

    Farhadi said the medication will now be tested on some 3,000 to 5,000 Iranian patients in the next year to monitor its efficacy.

    Health Minister Baqeri Lankarani said that the number of HIV/AIDS cases in Iran stands at around 14,000 while 1,700 people have died of the disease.

    Last June, Iranian officials warned about the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS infections in the country due to a surge in intravenous drug usage.

    “If no action is taken against the spread of this disease as quickly as possible, the number of those infected will reach 100,000 by the end of the next Iranian year (March 2008),” said Iran’s deputy health minister, Moayed Alavian.

    Iran is believed to have at least two million regular drug users — and possibly as many as 3.5 million. Alavian said addiction is growing by around eight percent a year.

    Intravenous drug use is believed to be the main cause of HIV/AIDS infection at 62.3 percent, followed by “unknown causes” at 27.9 percent and sexual contact at 7.4 percent.

    Lots of Aids related articles on my site as well: (use google search window on top of each page to find them…)

  3. To the notion that the drug trials at ICC with AZT, Nevirapine and various Protease Inhibitors saved the lives of the abandoned babies of New York has to be seen as dishonest, for two reasons.

    First, a review of the medical literature on AZT (the primary drug used in the studies and in infants and children) does not support the notion of an AZT miracle-cure (AZT). Instead, in study after study with AZT, you find increases in illness and death, anemia and bone marrow-suppression, major malformation and organ failure. The same is true for HAART (the other drugs in combination) (HAART).

    Second, ICC was founded to deal with what was called “the boarder baby crisis.” What is a boarder baby? It is a baby abandoned at the hospital by a mother in no condition – either medical or psychological – to care for the child.

    What kind of parent are we describing? Crack addicts. These children were primarily drug orphans – children of crack, heroin and alcohol addicts. All one has to do to understand who these children were, and why they didn’t fare well, is to know even a little about the history of crack cocaine use in New York City in the 1980s and early 1990s.

    From “How Bad Was Crack Cocaine?” By Steven D. Levitt and Kevin M. Murphy of the University of Chicago:

    “A number of ominous trends emerged in the black community in the mid-1980s. Between 1984 and 1994, the homicide rate for black males aged 14 to 17 more than doubled, and the homicide rate for black males aged 18 to 24 increased nearly as much. During this period, the black community also experienced an increase in fetal death rates, low birth-weight babies, weapons arrests, and the number of children in foster care.”

    This is the story related to me by childcare workers, nurses and children from ICC itself. As one childcare worker described it (Inside Incarnation):

    “In the beginning we were taking care of little abandoned crack babies who had no one, but then it changed. More and more of the kids were there for compliance. They didn’t want to take drugs, or their parents didn’t want to give them, so they got put in ICC.

    This was the consensus among the child-care I interviewed: the function of ICC, as well as its population, is now significatly different than it was. Once the last chance for abandoned drug-orphans, it is now the place where a very few children will spend most of their lives, in perpetually drugged and agitated states.

    “The regime has changed,” said Mimi [Pascual, former childcare worker], “and so has the place. It’s AIDS drugs plu – plus psych meds, anti-psychotics, antidepressants. We came to work here with kids we were told were dying – crack babies – to try to care for them. Today it’s a psych ward.”

    More to the point, ICC’s own self-described history states that by 1990, the “boarder baby crisis had ended.” There were now parents for most of the abandoned infants. Furthermore, many of the children got significantly better with loving attention and basic care, prior to the introduction of AZT and other drugs. (ICC webpage) :

    “After three years [following ICC’s founding in 1987], a surplus of foster parents existed for all but the sickest children. New York City’s AIDS boarder baby crisis had ended. ICC had played a pivotal role in this success story. Having accomplished its goal, ICC would have happily closed its doors had it not been for an unexpected discovery.

    Pediatric AIDS was first recognized in 1982-83. Early in the epidemic, HIV disease of childhood was considered to be down-hill course leading to death. But in the late 1980’s, before AZT was available, many very ill children admitted to ICC got dramatically better with proper nurturing and high-quality medical and nursing care.”

    Looking through the annals of drug use in this country, we find everything we need to know about who these children were – chidren of poverty and of drug abuse, who had no one to care for them, except a few nuns and volunteers in a Washington Heights orphanage. Children who were then cynically used in government-pharmaceutical drug trials – all made forgivable in the public eye by the re-labeling of these already damaged children as “Aids babies”.

    It’s an easy switch to make, when one understands how AIDS works: the non-specific, non-standardized testing schema (see – knowing is beautiful), the risk-group interpretation of test results (see – sex crimes), the well-estabalished cultural biases that forgive the poor science.

    All of it works to give anyone who is poor, black, or abused enough one iatrogenic label – AIDS – through which anything can then be forgiven, even the chemical-induced death of chldren, in tax-funded, pharmaceutical-studies.

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