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The NIH Scandal and the Future of AIDS Research

GNN June 2005

A federal investigation calls drug trials on orphans unethical. Now what?

ICC) has found that the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital acted unethically.

The Associated Press reported Thursday June 16th: “The government has concluded at least some AIDS drug experiments involving foster children violated federal rules designed to ensure vulnerable youths were protected from the risks of medical research.”

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The Good Man at the NIH

GNN, January 2006

Mr. Fishbein Goes to Washington

Dr. Jonathan Fishbein’s fight for medical ethics in AIDS medicine

Editor’s note: In December 2005, GNN’s Liam Scheff spoke with NIH whistleblower Dr. Jonathan Fishbein. In an exclusive interview, Fishbein discusses the controversial African AIDS drug trials he exposed, his firing and reinstatement and how medical ethics and the public trust are violated when profit and politics rule the day. – A.L.

Science has become so severely politicized that one has to be skeptical of nearly every research result that is reported.” Says Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, once and future NIH employee.

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ICC Investigation – The ICC Website and Clinical Trials

Evidence in the New York Orphans in Government Drug Trial Investigation

The following is evidence in the long-running investigation into the use of toxic drugs on orphans in New York City in the Incarnation Children’s Center orphanage and in New York’s major hospitals, and then in Aids medicine in general.

Background on this story – here and here.

Below is the ICC webpage as it appeared when I first looked at it, in 2003. It was taken down in early 2004, after press attention focused on the practice of using orphans in government and pharma-sponsored drug trials. Continue reading ICC Investigation – The ICC Website and Clinical Trials

Still on Trial

April 2005. NY Press

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Last July, New York Press published “Orphans on Trial,” the story of the HIV-positive children of Incarnation Children’s Center (a Washington Heights Catholic orphanage overseen by Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center). The piece detailed how these children are being used in National Institutes for Health- and pharmaceutical-industry-sponsored clinical trials.

The “orphans” at ICC aren’t always orphans; they often have a parent or family member who’d like to take care of them. The children are often removed from family custody because they fail or refuse to keep up their significant drug regimens. Once inside the walls of ICC, the drug regimen is enforced by a variety of means—cajoling, removal of privileges (like leaving the facility on weekends) and surgery.

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Inside Incarnation

New York Press, July 27 – August 2

Mimi Pascual

Mimi Pascual gave the children drugs every day and every night, on schedule, as the doctors ordered. She shook the children awake and popped the pills into their mouths, or squirted a syringe full of ground pill and water to the back of their throats.

She and the other child-care workers made the rounds: midnight, 3 a.m., 5 a.m. Some kids took the pills by mouth, some through nasal tubes, and some through tubes jutting out of their stomachs.

The children didn’t like the drugs. They’d wake up vomiting or with bad diarrhea. But Mimi and the workers at Incarnation Children’s Center had to follow the regimen, or they’d be fired. “The drugs had side effects, everybody knew that,” said Mimi. But the workers were told the drugs were saving the children’s lives.

After a young girl who had just gone on the drugs had a stroke and then quickly died, and another young boy who was put on thalidomide wasted away on a respirator, Mimi stopped believing that the drugs were just saving lives. She believed they were killing the children too. Continue reading Inside Incarnation

The ICC Investigation – Radio Interview with Liam Scheff, and ICC childcare worker Mimi Pascual on the Lizz Brown Show

The following transcript is taken from the 2005 radio interview on the Lizz Brown Show (, featuring Mimi Pascual, former ICC orphanage childcare worker and Liam Scheff, who broke and investigated the story. Mimi worked at ICC for 8 years over a ten year period. Her story is told in “Inside Incarnation” [1, 2]



Inside Incarnation

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Lizz Brown: Welcome back to the Wakeup Call with Lizz Brown. Liam we have Mimi Pascual on the line. Talk to us about who Mimi is. Continue reading The ICC Investigation – Radio Interview with Liam Scheff, and ICC childcare worker Mimi Pascual on the Lizz Brown Show

The ICC Investigation – Interview with Dr. Katherine Painter

In May 2003, I began my investigation of the Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC), an orphanage in New York City’s Washington Heights that was being used by government (N.I.H.) and pharmaceutical companies as a test center for the standard AIDS drugs – AZT and its analogs, Nevirapine, and the various protease inhibitors. ICC received funding from both government and corporate sponsors to enroll its wards, primarily abandoned children of drug (crack cocaine and heroin) abusers, in NIH clinical trials(1). What follows in this series are five excerpts of my October, 2003 interview with ICC’s medical director Dr. Katherine Painter. Continue reading The ICC Investigation – Interview with Dr. Katherine Painter