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Vaccine Blues – The Aids Crusade Moves On

Bad day at Merck …. But good day at Boehringer Ingelheim! (Proud maker of Nevirapine. ‘Nevirapine – Give it to Someone You Hate’)

Why? Because: There’s Gonna be no ‘Aids Vaccine,’ after all!

WallStreetJournal: Aids Effort Suffers Big Blow

  • In a major setback, one of the leading experimental AIDS vaccines not only failed to prevent test subjects from becoming infected with HIV, but it didn’t offer any indication it might delay the onset of full-blown AIDS, which had been a key hope.
  • The collapse of the trial leaves Merck & Co., which had spent a decade developing the vaccine, with no remaining prospects in the global hunt for an AIDS immunization. The vaccine was tested in a network funded by the National Institutes of Health.”

Note: “Funded by the NIH” means, “Your Tax Money!

Gosh, it’s such a shame to have wasted all of it, huh? If only they could have predicted that injecting people with synthetic proteins from “hiv tests”, would make people come up positive on hiv tests…

Gosh and Bother.

But wait! They did predict it! They even wrote it down:

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The Aids Pogrom – Invitation to Debate

My letter to PLoS Medicine, and, regarding the Aids pogrom. (The PLoS version is shorter, and posted in comments below)

Dear Reader,

Regarding Tara Smith’s PLoS journal entry on Denialism on the Web, I personally have tried to engage Tara Smith in reasonable, factual, point-for-point, issue-specific debate, on her blog,

1. here

2. and here

(There may be more, but I only kept track of these, she posts so much on “denialism,” it’s hard to keep track).

You may review these files, and note that none of my concerns are answered, and are usually deflected by charges of ‘being silly,’ in some manner, or, of course, of being a ‘denialist’.

I hold, and extend, an open invitation to Ms. Smith, or any ‘anti-denialist’ to debate, person to person, by email or phone, on any particular issue relating to Aids. Continue reading The Aids Pogrom – Invitation to Debate