The BBC Gives in to the Aids Mafia

Received by email:

Dear Liam,

What’s your take on this? Do you know about it already?

‘Serious concern’ at BBC over flawed HIV film

My take is that it doesn’t matter. I didn’t know about it, but I’d never rested my hat or laurels on the BBC movie. I was trying to help some kids…

Most of them are either locked into the system for life (or dead from drugs), or they’ve semi-escaped into NYC poverty.

There’s nothing more I can add to what I’ve done. It wouldn’t be fighting for them anymore, it would be fighting for some perception of ‘legitimacy’ in the eyes of an establishment that does little but cower and lie, pedal deception, half-truths, fear-monger, etc, as a status quo.

I mean, who cares about this subject – poisonous drugs, orphans used in drug trials – who cares? Who really cares, except the Aids police, the pharma zombies, the gay suicides lining up for their pills and their absolution? Who cares except the multi-million dollar drug deals waiting to happen, to put every poor person in condoms and Nevirapine?

Who cares but them, really? It’s not a populist issue. It only masquerades as one.

I’m not worried about the BBC, and neither should you or anyone else be. The drugs are poisonous, not because the BBC says so, or because “denialists” say so, but because the drug labels say so. The medical journals say so, over and over, because patients who’ve taken them – who were sick and not sick, who were well and not well, who were young and old, infirm and strong, all died of the same reactions – anemia from blood and bone marrow suppression, lipid disorders, organ failure, brutal, bloody chemical-induced rashes – plainly, drug toxicity.

It’s not worth responding to any particular charge, only to say that I stand by my research, without a doubt.

You can pass that on to anyone who has a question.

The second note is the following: The Aids Crusade is really foremost on in the minds of certain people, and it is now considered inexcusable to ask any reasonable questions about this medical paradigm.

I have asked all reasonable questions, and found the thing to be made of wax and paper and string. It – the science, the thinking, the research – is a flimsy as lint, and yet it draws so much support, so much emotional support from so many people for so many reasons.

I am not David, and I cannot slay Goliath. I tried to help some kids who were and are being abused. I did my best. That work is available to be read and reviewed. All I can say is that it happened, and is happening, and will continue to happen. And if the world wants it that way, then that is the way that it will be, until the world wants something different.

I’ve done my best. I’m sorry it didn’t please those in power. Or, I should say, I really could give a shit that it didn’t please those in power. I spoke for and with people who were being abused by a system. I pity those who don’t get out of the hammer’s way. I respect those who fight for individual freedom and liberty.

I was never concerned about the BBC. I didn’t care who made the film. I was trying, very hard, to help some kids. I succeeded, and I failed, mostly because those kids were always dead to this culture. Crack baby children born in the poorest part of New York.

Most of them never had, and never will have a chance. That’s a terrible fact.

That the Aids police think they’re doing “God’s work” by pumping the poor and destitute with chemicals and drugs… well, I’ll let history, or God, be the judge. I’ve done my best, I’ve told the truth, I’ve put it out there for all to see. Take down the BBC film from the archives, and add it to the list of sins we’ve done in the name of colonial oppression, racism, tribalism, eugenics, etc.

Sorry to be dour, but, well, what can you do? I don’t run the BBC, and they certainly don’t want to take a meeting with anyone who tells them anything interesting or rational about “aids” or “sars” or “bird flu.”

Feel free to write the BBC, if you think it will help.

Hell, mail them the HIV test insert, or AZT label, or literature, and see if they can see past their fears to even imagine that the people pestering them to shut up their reporting, are not necessarily on the side of the people they want to drug, without permission, mercy or reprieve.

See what they say. I personally doubt it will sink it. I don’t know why, but the world is very content at present with branding the poorest people in the world with the “Aids” label. We’ll see what the future brings.

Bests to all,


PS. I suppose it does show one thing – what a small group of like-minded individuals can do, if they really put their minds and wallets to shutting up discourse, dissent, reportage, and uncomfortable truth-telling.

You go, “aidstruth”. Victory for you, I suppose. Better get that Nevirapine to Harlem, fast, before the celebration turns sour.


In reviewing the article, the major complaint does not list actual “errors” in the film – only the lack of euphamistic, Orwellian language to describe skin-peeling, liver-killing, er, I mean, “life-saving” drugs:

* “These included claims that the HIV medicines given to the children were “futile” and “dangerous” and that children were taken from their families because they resisted the “experimental” drugs.

Well, the NIH was and is enrolling these kids in drug trials. A drug trial isn’t an experiment? (Yes, it is).

* “In its adjudication, the BBC also said that the film-makers falsely tried to “create an association between the [clinical] trials and a loss of parental rights” while it also acknowledged that the film was biased towards the views of HIV “denialists”.

Oh boy. “Denialists.” So, we’re on even, fair ground here.

Clinical trials and loss of parental rights… Well, that happened. That’s from the mouths of the mothers involved. So, what? That’s not acceptable to report? Even though it happened and is happening…why would that be so?

Why – Because it makes the Aids police look like, well, like Mengele, like Nazi doctors, and they really can’t have that. So, they attack, but don’t respond to the charges. Why respond when you can obliterate the complaint from the record?

It’s a lot like the old Soviet Union, killing, or shutting up, the dissident scientists…


10 thoughts on “The BBC Gives in to the Aids Mafia

  1. Liam,

    no surprises there with the BBC cowering to the AIDS establishment.

    The question that comes to mind in this matter is “how far will the AIDS mafia go?

    They have no ethics. No shame. No guilt. No remorse. It would seem that the sky’s the limit.

    They make no mistakes. They are beyond questioning. They are deities in their own minds. Their power is truly amazing.

    Where will they stop?

  2. Dan writes:

    “no surprises there with the BBC cowering to the AIDS establishment.”

    No surprise, but it’s still a bitter pill. I am not so hopelessly hardened that I don’t try to have a little hope and faith in our better judgement at times… oh well.

    The little write up lists as the voice of the “complaint” against the film, the redoubtable and always charming Jeanne Bergman.

    The lovely Jeanne who said, in published editorial, that teenagers who did not want to take drugs should have no choice in the matter – even if the drugs made them violently ill.

    She also of the constant rejoinder “denialist” directed at anyone who bothers to read the journals, and who finds the logical of “Aids Medicine” wanting.

    That same she who refused to conduct any conversation with me, when I did email her and ask her for a discussion of the issues. “No,” was her response, to a discussion, which I did ask for, a few years ago, when she attacked me and Celia Farber for bothering to point out that studies like this:

    A Study of the Safety and Effectiveness of Treating Advanced AIDS Patients Between Ages 4 and 22 With 7 Drugs, Some at Higher Than Usual Doses

    … If studies like this, featuring Seven, count ’em Seven FDA Black Box drugs (having killed patients already) in Children aged 4 and above, was somehow a good thing to do,

    especially when the children were poor, usually born to crack addicts, and furthermore, locked in an ORPHANAGE.

    That Jeanne Bergman.

    That Jeanne Bergman! That’s the lovely Jeanne Bergman listed in the BBC complaint, in the little write-up of BBC emasculation,

    and I’m sure, of many diatribes yet to be written.

    That lovely Jeanne Bergman. Bless her little nazi soul.

  3. Liam,

    I agree that it’s a bitter pill that the BBC chooses to cower to the Aids nazis.

    Jeanne’s a special lady, alright.

    I think her, Moore and Wainberg are fiiled with a darkness that is eating their souls. Or maybe their souls have been devoured, leaving just empty shells. They behave like cornered animals…absolutely vicious. I figure they must live in a very special hell of their own making.

    This is not to say that I feel sorry for them. This is the path they’ve chosen. God help them.

  4. I suppose… Oh, just reviewing this documentary, badly titled “Darwin’s Nightmare,” but a sort of patient, excrutiating brutality being displayed in the slow unwind of the film… we see people who are producing more food that Europe can eat (Nile Perch) starving to death for a lack of anything to eat themselves.

    We see the European Union execs, and the mercenary Russian cargo-plane (and gun-running) pilots, fly away with a nations actual resource, while the people making it die of everything..

    We see them blame sex “aids” for the misery, at times, and at others, it’s just so plain what’s happening. That great free-trade platform –

    We’ll steal your precious fish from you, and in return, we’ll let you work in our factory, and earn a dollar or maybe two a day… and we’ll let the hungry villagers, who can no longer afford to farm dry the rotting fish heads, and walk in blood-soaked, rotting earth, so they can incur as many bacterial infections as possible, drying the refuse we allow them to use for food.

    It’s some bargain. And so, we send the UN, and the aids police over there, and insist it’s actually SEX that kills Africans.

    So, that’s the Aids crusade, in full array. Tanzania. Uganda, Sierra Leone, South Africa. They have things we want, and we don’t intend to pay them for it, when we can get away with it (and we can always get away with it).

  5. PS – “Serious Concerns” over the film, my ass.

    More like, Serious concerns that the Aids mafia will call us, the BBC, “denialists” for bothering to feel that drugging children to death isn’t a good thing.

    Serious concerns? Please. Such a hideous use of language. Why not tell the truth?

    We’re really sorry if we pissed of the pharma police, the gay mafia, the aids mafia, or anyone else who will call us names publicly, if we actually bother to do any real reporting on this issue.

    Christ that really bites, that use of language. “Serious Concerns.” Over the film, not over the fact that ORPHANS were and ARE being used in drug trials (experiments) with very dangerous drugs, in NYC, in the Dominican Republic, and anywhere else the poor and dark-skinned can be found.

    No “Serious Concerns” there.

    Also note, for the record, the continual and constant avoidance of the aidsmafia, Bergman et al, of the fact FACT that when these kids refuse drugs, they have a surgical tube inserted through their stomach walls to pump the drugs into their stomachs.

    Not a mention. Not a single word.

    Why? Because it’s hard to look like the aggrieved sanctimonious saint (that they try to play), when you’re acting like a butcher of children.

  6. Had any of you ever heard that when Orwell coined the idea of Big Brother Corporation he was actually referring to the BBC?

    Enough said here…

    How far will the AIDS Mafia go? The AIDS mafia is the corporate mafia of which is the BBC, ABC, CNN and even the RAI all belong to, and it’s precisely in situations like this that it becomes more evident than ever. It does not set boundaries according to notions of decency, especially if one realises that these corporations are waging a war against man.

    Does anyone really still think that any entity or group or corporation is going to stand up against its own? And for who, a bunch of kids no one cares about?

    The BBC only cares that the BergMEN of this world can still go and carry on their Nazi agendas, that they can keep the lie alive. The BBC just like any other news corporation is in the business of blurring the lines between the victims and the perpetrators of those same crimes to ensure that the criminals maintain their saintly status as our seeming protectors. That’s what this business is all about, isn’t it?

    I don’t want God to forgive them. I hope he never forgives them. I certainly will not. If God be God then he must throw them into the depth of hell for the rest of eternity. I, for one, will hold him to that…

  7. Liam;

    You are right of course, that the most important goal, freeing the children, was not achieved. Neither the children whose health was perhaps already ruined and release from the drugs might have come too late, but worse yet, the supply of children to feed this empire hasn’t been stopped. Cold comfort if the BBC doesn’t censor the video if it’s not changing public policy.

    But we shouldn’t get too cynical (although it’s tempting at times). More people are waking up all the time, and like many movements, the swing can accelerate when some invisible point is reached.

    – David

  8. Liam,

    Your words are so true and so prophetic. I’m sorry this happened but given the nature of the power of the pharmaceutical companies, not surprising. Even BBC knows where its bread is buttered, even though they claim to be non-partisan; the AIDS Mafia is riding high as long as people believe this shit.

    I have a client in Georgia, an African-American woman whose twenty-something son is dying from AIDS drug reactions. There is nothing she or I can do, because he’s in a hospital and they’re doping him up with more, and his kidneys are now failing, and his grandmother, who has his power of attorney, believes the doctors. He’ll just be another statistic.

    All we can do is tell the truth, from whatever platform we can. Your work and your research are a enormous testament to the truth about this invented plague. Keep up your good work and your dark humor, it keeps us going!


  9. Manu,
    for me, “god help them” is an expression meaning that they are completely beyond redemption. After reading Moore’s gloating over his and Bergman’s “victory”, I find myself more disgusted with that goon squad than every before. They’re reprehensible.

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