Who is AidsTruth?

Who are these people?

John P. Moore, Martin Delaney, Jeanne Bergman, Nathan Geffen, Greg Gonsalves, Nicholas Bennett? [Here]

Who are these people, who have taken it upon themselves to inform every reporter, news organization, researcher, and individual in the world, what is and what is not acceptable to talk about, or think about, in relation to the medical (and quite religious) paradigm known as “Aids”, “Aids drugs” and “Hiv Tests?”

God knows, if you read the actual, critical, useful, necessary medical literature on any of these subject categories, you find a wealth of fascinating, horrifying information, always running in seven contrary directions from what the mainstream advertises as “Aids.”

But, heaven help you if you report any of what the literature lays out in evidence, or what real people who are affected by the tests, drugs and diagnosis testify to, because if you do, the “AidsTruth” clan calls you…


A “denialist.” As in, a “holocaust denialist.” Because you read the literature critically, and you speak with people who aren’t in love with throwing up everyday on their “Aids drugs”, or who don’t like their “Hiv test diagnosis,” because it has no standard anywhere in the medical literature, or in the world.

So when the BBC forgets its manners, for a moment, and allows a living, breathing bit of reality to penetrate its airwaves… the AidsTruth clan must swoop in to scrub that bit of life and evidence from the public record… [Here]

So who are these people? I mean, who are they? What have they done, who do they work for? Who pays them?

Why have they turned Science into Religion? How have they gotten away with annihilating Debate in academic science, as it relates to this perverse pseudo-medical paradigm?

How have they done it, and who are they?

I mean, list it. If you know something about any of these people, about who they are, what they do, where they come from, what they’ve written, how they operate, think and maneuver, post it below.

Don’t be shy. These people are in charge of the world, remember. They can take a little exposure.


6 thoughts on “Who is AidsTruth?

  1. I don’t know who they are or where they come from; though I am pretty sure they arose out of some unholy alliance between hate for themselves and a hate for the rest of humanity.

    What do they do?
    They are the hit men and women for this global AIDS mafia. They are the ones who orchestrate the “JAMMING” for the global AIDS mafia.

    “Jamming” is a technique for blocking debate that could lead to the truth. Equating all those who dissent the theories that are being pushed on them with Nazis does this simply and effectively.

    Plain and simple, that is all they do.

    Who pays them?

    Your tax money I imagine, as it pays all the rest of the AIDS mafia parasites.

    the AIDStruth website is maintained by a dozen people who include a graduate student (Ken Witwer), a professor of economics (Nicoli Nattrass), several “HIV/AIDS activists” with no technical credentials (Martin Delaney, Nathan Geffen, Gregg Gonsalves, Richard Jefferys), and a PhD in a non-scientific discipline (Jeanne Bergman)

    Yet these people say Mullis and Duesberg aren’t qualified to talk about HIV/AIDS because they’ve never done research on it!

  3. My guess is that they are people with time on their hands who are also afflicted with a personality disorder that renders them more likely to assume the same kind of role that Grand Inquisitors did during the Spanish Inquisition.

  4. John P. Moore of the AidsTruth cabal writes:


    “By now, the leading AIDS denialists will be aware of AIDS Truth’s latest victory: The acknowledgment by the BBC of the many flaws in the Liam Scheff-inspired documentary “Guinea-Pig Kids”, produced by Jamie Doran, attacking the use of ARVs to treat HIV-infected foster children at New York’s Incarnation Children’s Center. Full details of this victory for science, medicine and public health will be posted on the AIDS Truth website, where additional material will be added once the BBC finalizes its decision on the fate of the producers and editors responsible for the inaccurate and damaging documentary.”

    “Many AIDS professionals contributed to this fight against the BBC, although Jeanne Bergmann deserves most of the credit.”

    ….end excerpt…

    I want to point out that the victory here being celebrated is that crack-baby orphans were and are being used in forced-drugging chemical drug trials, in their orphanage.

    That’s the victory for Moore, the engine of the Aids Crusdade at the NY Times. He who will not debate with “denialists.” He who constantly libels and slanders anyone who takes a different view of this paradigm, but refuses to face those he attacks.

    This cabal, this John Moore, this NY Times, this is “Aids.” Victory is being able to use, and puncture, and drug crack orphans any way they want to, any way they want to, every way they can – and those, like myself, who stand against this practice, we are called “denialists.” As in, “holocaust denialists,” by those in favor of the laissez-faire drugging of orphans in an orphanage, with FDA black box label drugs.

    It’s stupefying, really stupefying. These people are nazis, I don’t know how else to put it, just nazis, pure mentally ill fascists.

    Sorry if that’s too blunt. But holy Christ, it is just pure fascism, power-mad, embittered, imbalanced fascism.

  5. Who is Nathan Geffen?

    According to the websites of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and Geffen’s own websites and blogs, Nathan Geffen is a former computer programmer and college instructor who became an activist for TAC, the primary organization in South Africa which promotes the use of pharmaceutical drugs for people diagnosed with AIDS or HIV.

    I’m pretty certain that Geffen and his fellow activists in TAC really believe that the drugs work. They are blind to the drugs’ toxicity or the possibility that the drugs can cause death; they are completely imbued in the medical model of fighting disease, and completely convinced that all alternative approaches, natural treatments or critiques of the medical model are at best a waste of time or at worst a criminal conspiracy that, by convincing people to avoid the drugs, is killing people.

    Currently, according to his blog, “Nathan Geffen is Policy Co-coordinator for the Treatment Action Campaign, a South African NGO working to establish anti-retroviral treament for people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa.”

    In other words, he is the behind-the-scenes leader of TAC. According to the website promoting a new book by Geffen and fellow activist/lawyer Edwin Cameron, “Nathan Geffen has worked with the Treatment Action Campaign since 2000 as a volunteer, web-designer, treasurer, national manager and currently director of research and communications. He has published a number of articles on HIV and human rights, as well as on economics and HIV. Geffen has an MSc in Computer Science and before working for TAC, lectured computer science at UCT and worked as a software engineer.”

    Geffen also engineered the importation of these drugs into South Africa. According to the same book website, “One of his fondest memories with TAC was participating in the planning and execution of the importation of generic fluconazole into South Africa in violation of Pfizer’s patent. Geffen believes this action elevated the access to medicine debate to the forefront of public discussion.”

    So what is the Treatment Action Campaign, really?

    What they do is this: by their public proclamations of the wonders of modern AIDS drugs, they have created a demand for the drugs by people who are sick and those who believe they are “infected” and have a belief that the drugs will provide some kind of miracle for them. Then TAC offers free lunch (in a country in which people often have only one sparse meal a day) for people interested in “protesting” for “more AIDS drugs”, identify and meet with the “grassroots leaders” of the neighborhood groups they have recruited, get them all fired up. That is the tactic and strategy they used throughout the campaign to create large public protests to overturn what had been a South African governmental blockade of toxic AIDS pharmaceuticals. They also then turn this kind of “grassroots” organizing on its head, labeling anyone who opposes the drugs or proposes alternatives as “denialists” who should be shut up or jailed. So they have literally become a grassroots fascist movement – one that seeks to suppress any kind of dissent or alternative treatment to the current drug paradigm. There is testimony about this tactic on Dr. Rath’s main English South Africa web page if you scroll way down or look for the word “mole” – someone on Rath’s team who went undercover and joined TAC.

    Geffen’s blog entry has some of the disinformation about Rath as well as providing insight into what Geffen has done and what he believes.


    Here is the “program” of TAC which has “rolled out” the poisons to masses of people in SA, and plans for further “protests” to get more drugs to more people, especially to pregnant women and children.


    Geffen is very likely the creator and webmaster of aidstruth.org, given his computer and web expertise and that the website is registered in South Africa.

    Other Referenced URLs:

    http://witnesstoaids.com/about.html Geffen’s and Cameron’s book website

    http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/user/nathan-geffen Geffen’s blog

    http://www.dr-rath-foundation.org.za/ Rath’s website, including a reference about someone who went undercover as a “mole” in TAC

    http://www.tig.org.za/pdf-files/azt-achmat_geffen_heywood.pdf Anthony Brink’s web page that discusses Geffen’s promotion of AZT for pregnant women

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