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Saving African Lives from Immune Deficiency

A new medicine has brought promise to Africa, to fight the disease that “destroys a child’s immune system, so they’re more susceptible to diseases and less capable of recovering from them.”

Thanks to the new treatment:

  • “In three weeks, we can cure a kid that looked like they’re half dead.
  • “It’s just, boom! It’s a spectacular response,” Dr. Tectonidis says.
  • [C]hildren that would have been hospitalized in the past can now be treated at home.
  • “There’s many countries in Africa now saying, ‘We want a factory. We want a factory.’ Well let’s give it to them,” he says.
  • “We just have to focus on these areas….We have to go for the jugular. Where are they dying? Where are they wasted? That’s where we have to intervene.

But not everyone has “Access” to the life-saving drug. The result?

  • Wasted life. Just totally wasted life for nothing. Because they don’t have this product.

What’s the product? A new “Aids” drug? A condom? A new vaccine for “Aids?”

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Will the Real “Hiv Test Result” Please Stand Up?

You heard it hear first! Extra! Extra! Four organ recipients in Chicago test.. (Negative, Negative), Positive!

Four Chicago transplant recipients contract HIV

  • “Kuehnert said the organs came from a high-risk donor, meaning from someone who fit under one of several criteria that would increase the chances that the person might have be infected with HIV. Those include men who have had sex with another man in the preceding five years, intravenous drug users, prisoners, and people who have had sex for money or drugs.”

But no heterosexual sex? (Oh right, that only goes for Africans, I forgot…)

  • “Dave Bosch of the Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donation, the regional organ procurement agency that handled the donor organs, said the donor’s high-risk status was confirmed on a questionnaire. “We were aware of that from the beginning,” he said.
  • But standard testing using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay or ELISA antibody screening test was negative.”

Negative! Oh good! Because these tests are so accurate and reliable and predictable.. oh…

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Bring Me The Head Of Thabo Mbeki

The South African (and European) press want the head (or resignation) of South African President, Thabo Mbeki.

Why? Because of economic failings, corruption, poor governance?

No. They want him out of office, because he is an “Aids Dissident.”

Here’s how they frame it:

South Africa: Spotlight On Aids Denialism May Dent Mbeki’s ANC Hopes.
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My Interview for Nature Medicine

I received an interview request from Nature Medicine regarding the BBC’s capitulation to the pharma cabal at (Background on that story Here )

I have been slimed by Nature Medicine in the past, without ever being asked for an interview, so this is a first. I respond in some detail to the request, with some questions of my own for the reporter.

The bottom line:

  • “What is borne out in reviewing 25 years of medical literature on the paradigm, is the failure of the surrogate markers to consistently, dependably, usefully predict illness, or to be the most useful or appropriate target for therapy. Aids, therefore, is a more important phenomenon than what we refer to as “Hiv”, because the surrogate markers by which we define and infer, or perhaps imply “Hiv”, fail to assist us in making patients better.”
  • “Leaving behind the failed surrogate markers, lifting the a priori death sentence enforced by the supposition of the utility of the surrogate markers, and finally, treating Aids, as in, Immune Deficiency, will be the next, and most successful step in the eradication of Aids globally.”

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John P. Moore, Aids Denialist, and AZT walks like Thalidomide

Please see my post at Health Supreme on the “denialism” of Then have a look at the ever-ready Anthony Brink’s press release on AZT and Thalidomide (at Treatment Information Group).

John P.Moore, Aids Denialist

by Liam Scheff

John P. Moore, of the New York Times, and of, on his approach to discourse and debate in science [Here ]:

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