Bring Me The Head Of Thabo Mbeki

The South African (and European) press want the head (or resignation) of South African President, Thabo Mbeki.

Why? Because of economic failings, corruption, poor governance?

No. They want him out of office, because he is an “Aids Dissident.”

Here’s how they frame it:

South Africa: Spotlight On Aids Denialism May Dent Mbeki’s ANC Hopes.

  • “THERE have been renewed calls from civil society for President Thabo Mbeki to step down at the African National Congress’s (ANC’s) conference in December. This follows an exposé, published in Mark Gevisser’s biography of Mbeki, that Mbeki remains an “AIDS dissident” and regrets having been forced to withdraw from the “debate” on the disease. Treatment Action Campaign’s (TAC’s) Zackie Achmat said another term with Mbeki at the helm of the party would be “a tragedy” for SA and the continent.”

First, there’s no such thing as ‘Aids denialism.’ This is a term used by a very specific handful of aids pharma money recipients and researchers, (with many failed projects to their name – see, to hide their failings from the public.

The failings consist of:

  • The tests are fraudulent, neither truly “positive” or “negative”, only shades of “reactive”; they come up ‘reactive’ for pregnancy, tuberculosis and at least 70 other conditions, and are only considered ‘valid’ when used on very specific groups of people. [Testing inormation]
  • The drugs, which all bear the US FDA’s Black Box label, which means they’ve permanently damaged, disabled, or killed patients taking them in normal doses. The drugs target the surrogate markers (the test results), but do not support immuno-regeneration. [Drug information]
  • The brutally unethical death-sentence that is now handed out with the false test result, a death-sentence not borne out by the result itself, which is variable and subjective in interpretation, from group to group.

Still Aids doctors believe they have the right to tell people that they’re “going to die, no matter what, and must now be drugged, till the end of their lives,” just because they have a reactive test result from a poly-reactive, non-specific, non-standardized antibody assay.

Thabo Mbeki, who has read the literature on the diagnosis, and on the tests, wants something better for his people than to be drugged with FDA-Black Box labeled drugs when they’re pregnant, or hungry, or exhausted from the poverty that grips Soweto.

He wants more for people who have been beaten down by centuries of colonial oppression, than to be told that “they’re going to die, no matter what,” just because the Western doctors are willing to believe that using a limited piece of technology, like a highly-reactive, non-specific antibody assay, is good enough to tell an African that their life is now over, and the only course for them is that of heavy drugging, with Black Box labeled drugs.

Thabo Mbeki is one of the only leaders in all of Africa who has not been an easy pawn for the Western powers.

No wonder they want him out of office so badly.

What You Can Do:

  • Oppose “Hiv testing” without total Informed Consent and Right of Refusal, because it is unethical to give someone a death sentence based on a piece of very flawed technology.
  • Oppose mandatory drugging with FDA Black Box labeled drugs, on the basis of these flawed tests.
  • Oppose the death sentence handed out with the flawed and fraudulent “Hiv test” result.

Support a total patient Right to Know and Informed Consent Policy regarding these drugs and these tests, with a Total Right of Refusal, Without Prejudice for the patient.

Support Thabo Mbeki, and a free Africa.

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3 thoughts on “Bring Me The Head Of Thabo Mbeki

  1. All of us collectively challenging the HIV=AID$ madness, have been supportive of President Mbeki’s bold stand against mass genocide and the international health control system operating under the UNAIDS banner of phony humanitarian aid. The truth is that there is far more support for Mbeki’s stance than the mainstream media lets on.
    Several years back, we had the opportunity to speak with several prominent leaders form South African provinces, who dropped out of an international convention to spend time with Dr. Rodney Richards and HEAL members, as we addressed their concerns over the questions about antibody testing, antivirals and the entire HIV=AIDS paradigm. They were very concerned and openly honest about the political ramifications of this issue and the consequences of being in dissent with the AID$ machine.

    I remember very vividly that they expressed fears over the issue that reminded them of the days of Apartheid. The were being told, “DON’T ASK QUESTIONS!” They did not want us to print any of their names or make any public associations with the meetings we were conducting. So there is an a very real presence of forceful control set against Mbeki and the ANC government over the issue of HIV/AIDS.

    Yet there is a strong resistance to this oppression in the general population and among many of South Africa’s citizens. They see this as a continuance of the Apartheid system, a eugenics tool, and more bad medicine forced on them by the UN. I think one of the best things we can do to help is continue to focus on the dilemma and try to provide media coverage and support for those people who are the grassroots rebellion to HIV/AIDS and let the rest of the world know that they exist and have a strong distrust of UNAIDS and AIDS Inc.

    There is a lot of international sympathy for South African citizens and their causes, but it is up to us to get their message out and show the world how powerful their movement really is, not only in South Africa but all over the continent.

    HIV/AIDS, CODEX, Bird flu and other man-manipulated health frauds are what we hope to be generating letters to congress about from our site at

  2. There are other issues with the roll out of ARV treatment in Africa that are ignored in the claims of ‘success’ –

    the conventional wisdom of hiv doctors is that once you start meds you Must Not Stop – YET given time all HIV treatment regimens ‘fail’ because – the so called virus becomes resistant , because the dosing does not work ,side effects cause poor ingestion or people dont take them (conventional reasoning)…..

    but in USA we can assume a second line and a third line of HIV treatment regimen and prolong /extend treated time over a third and fourth if no fatality occurs due to side effects /co factors

    In Africa there is not the option to avail of second and third fourth line treatments so the whole rationale for treating africans is redundant in resource poor settings at least ,and dishonest. Dishonest to tell donors here that HAART is a great success there when they are short term options for most when a huge % of treatment roll out is actually human trials ( i dont know what % – it would help to know ..)

    but its a fallacy , this idea of treating africans with anti virals even based on their own logic , they are doomed to fail.

    Gallo himself said in an interview over the failure of the vaccine trial that he did not believe it was viable to try to roll out a treatment model like anti virals for Africa because of a lack of infrastructure manpower support services etcetcetc.

    The other issue you have overlooked (?)is – they dont test everyone in Africa with Elisa Western Blot or anything in many cases. Its just predictive , assumed from a physical examination not from Elisa or from WB. They dont even have the resources to do that .

    So they are handing out this ‘verdict’ of sexually transmitted progressively terminal HIV infection to cultures and communities based on other factors of diarrhoea TB Fever Respiratory Illness Malnutrition Malaria. TB is rife both infectious and non infectious environmental TB .

    Many Africans want AIDS though – you need to be careful – TAC and other organisations seem to be very populist , influential like a tidal wave , you cant really halt that. You have to offer a solution with this veto of HIV test and interpretation of it.

    People are dying and they need explanations and counter suggestions that are very compelling to give up this idea of pharmaceutical salvation…..there is so much money pouring into community efforts as you know how AIDS captured the public imagination of developing world . they were exhausted with the NGO Poverty model , the Lenten Trocaire Box that whole image ..AIDS has renewed the missionary zeal and community spirit of many aswell as causing huge suffering . If they lose AIDS they lose a lot of financial aid .

    I have a friend who has a project in East Africa. Without AIDS she would really be struggling to run the place. But they have genuine problems real poverty and people are dying frequently. They did not allow the children to be tested initially – an aids orphanage as she did not want them to take these treatments but they have had to because of all the donations flooding in.

    Only 2 tested ‘positive’ out of 40 or so orphans . Unlucky for those two who will maintain the status of AIDS ..and insure donations continue . they took in a lot of young girls who had been raped to avoid AIDS – another flip side of the great AIDS awareness campaigns . One girl died after she was sent home raped and murdered.

    She is dying now – she doesnt see it however as she is fuelled by adrenalin on her crusade to save her village and believes all her ill health is hiv not meds . we were diagnosed the same time both pregnant , but i miscarried and so i did not have to go on the meds.she did and she has wasted away had all kinds of health problems but everyone looks at her and ….

    they reach deep into their pockets to fund her project as they stare ‘aids ‘ in the face..So she will die and two little boys but 40 will be educated clothed and housed . They have a new school and farm animals and everyone wants to send their children to the Aids home., as the conditions are better and the money is pouring in.

    A lot of Africans want their AIDS.


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