Knowing Is Important

Knowing Is Important

I Support Informed Consent in Medicine

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2 thoughts on “Knowing Is Important

  1. Casually Handing Out Death Sentences

    Compare and contrast:

    Let’s say you’ve got a lump somewhere on your body where you shouldn’t have a lump…

    You go to the doctor. He takes x-rays of the area.

    He examines the x-rays thoroughly before making assumptions or a diagnosis. Upon examination of the x-rays, he calls you into his office for further testing.

    At some point, he decides that a biopsy is necessary. A decision like this isn’t made lightly, and neither is any potential diagnosis.

    After examination of the tissue, and with great reserve, he concludes that you have a terminal cancer. To give you this fatal diagnosis, he has to be absolutely sure of himself, his methods, his tests and that he’s certain that telling you that you will die of this cancer is an entirely ethical thing to be doing.

    Now, with “AIDS”, all you need to do is take a non-standardized, poly-reactive surrogate marker test, and you are given a death sentence.

    Compared to the cancer example, the AIDS establishment hands out death sentences in a medically reckless manner.

    More on this thread: The Stranger

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