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Three Letters for “Doc” Nick Bennett

Why, because he won’t post a single comment of mine on the blog he uses to libel me. Because he’s just that kind of great, great guy.

(Dr. Nick responds! See Addendum below)

Nick Bennett on the orphans used in NIH drug trials at the Incarnation Children’s Center:

Dr. Nick Bennett: “Did some kids without OI’s die. Yes.”

“Some kids” without “OI” – “opportunistic infections” – meaning “illness.”

“Some healthy kids…” What? Some healthy kids, on these drugs… what?


Yes, of course. What’s the harm in that?

Part: the First

I attempted to post this, three times, today, at Dr. Nick’s Libel Shop [HERE] Let’s see if he has the ginger to put it up:

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More Guinea Pig Kids

Freedom of Information?

From the Alliance for Human Research Protection (bless their souls):

  • “An ongoing investigation by the Vera Institute of Justice, has uncovered 59 additional New York City foster care children–between July and September–who may have been used in AIDS drug / vaccine trials in violation of federal regulations. This brings the tentative total number of mostly minority children involved, to 773.
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