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Hiv Testing Section

Reading the standard medical literature on HIV tests, you will discover that:

  • The Tests ‘test’ for no one thing.
  • They diagnose no one thing.
  • They do not show infection with any single thing.

HIV tests may tell you that you have an illness, or they may tell you that you are pregnant. They give no single response, and diagnose no single condition. They may indicate immune suppression, or any variety of major or minor ailments.

The complex details of HIV testing are not reported to the public; they remain hidden in the medical and industry journals, and are actively suppressed by major media in public discussion. These are important public issues, and we all should have a clear and unobstructed view of all available data, no matter how it affects or challenges a publicly-held idea or policy.

It is impossible in a court of law to receive a death sentence for any crime as easily as it is to receive a false reading on an HIV test. It is a label that cannot be overcome in court, and cannot be appealed under any circumstance.

But, now it can be appealed. And returned. Return Your HIV Test Diagnosis Now. Continue reading Hiv Testing Section

“Are You Positive” by Stephen Davis – Know Your Hiv Tests

Stephen Davis’ new book is out, I’ve had a chance to look at a pre-publication version, and was quite impressed. I’ll have a longer look for a full review soon, but I can state happily and sincerely that it’s a good work – it is indeed ripped from the headlines – with the narrative flow and backing research to make it a very worthy read, and a worthy addition to the canon of literature on the morbid flaws in today’s quasi-religious medical establishment.

Have a look, and don’t miss the backing material that Davis makes available to critics and fans alike:

Are You Positive by Stephen Davis

Have a look! Visit: