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Should There Be A Warning on Hiv Tests?

And what should it say?

Twenty years of medical literature on what’s generously known as “Hiv Testing” tells us, over and over, that the tests come up reactive (positive) for at least 6 dozen conditions,

Are never truly “positive” or “negative”, but only shades of “reactive”,

Must be interpreted (according to socio-sexual-economic bases) for meaning,

And have no standard for this interpretation.

You can explore that literature here and here, or just do a google search on the subject.

So, if the tests are this bad, why don’t they have a warning, like cigarettes? They are more dangerous, because they give an irrevocable death sentence based on a non-existent, fraudulent test result.

Congress ought to hold a hearing on these tests, and get the FDA to do its job, and come up with an appropriate warning…

So, what should the warning on “Hiv tests” say?