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Fear of the Invisible – Book Review


Fear of The Invisible by Janine Roberts – a Review
by Liam Scheff.

“AIDS is a sex disease, and has one cause. SARS is the terror itself, unmasked. Bird flu will sweep human existence off the seven continents. Polio was conquered by vaccination, and without more vaccination, we will all succumb to a new plague, (as surely as the IRS collects taxes).”

These are the predictions of the masters of our universe – the dispensers of existential belief in our historical era of reduction, magnification, and intellectually sterile research, promulgated from on high, by sleep-deprived, grant-minded Graduate students, flocking as sleepwalkers in white lab coats from our grand Universities, marching into the world to save us from all these horrors.

But are they? Is it true – any of it, any of what they predict, or write as history? That is a question we small people are not permitted to ask in polite company, and certainly not in print; and certainly, not on television.

“Are the predictions of the Centers for Disease Control correct? Does the World Health Organization make sense? Is today’s science, true?” A journalist asking these questions, quickly finds him or herself out of the mainstream discussion, as surely as the IRS collects taxes.

And so, Janine Roberts new book presents a problem.
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