The Village Voice Buries the Bodies

by Liam Scheff

There are at least 200 dead children lying in the wake of the high-dose drug studies done by Columbia Presbyterian on orphans in NYC. The perpetrators won’t release a single medical record, not even to participants.

Children weren’t paid, families weren’t paid, weren’t asked.

The children and infants used in major drug trials were often orphans.

This week’s Village Voice doesn’t trouble the reader with this information in a meaningful way. They excuse it.

The Voice calls me a “Denialist” because I ask appropriate questions about HIV tests and AIDS drugs.

The questions are appropriate because questioning multi-national corporations is appropriate. Questioning the use and design of a technology – HIV testing – which is used to tell 30 million around the world that their lives are over, they’re sexual lepers, they must embark on a life-long course of potentially-fatal and body-altering drugs, which have killed adults at normal doses – asking the question, “how good is this test?” is necessary. And if you don’t ask the question, you give totalitarian power to a small, but immensely funded private sector of the international drug industry.

But. The Voice won’t list or talk about any of the drugs in detail.

The Voice Won’t talk about HIV tests in detail.

They assert that those who talk about these things in detail are no better than, essentially, Holocaust Denialists. A very effective slander, that pushes most people away from having the courage to talk about the issue.

The Voice directly uses (and acknowledges) my sources, but claims I’m not a reporter.

They retrace an article I did three years ago (Inside Incarnation NYPress), using the same sources, and more or less acknowledge that they’re doing so. But I’m not a journalist, they say. I didn’t bring them all of this information. But, I did, and they say so. They therefore contradict themselves in trying to libel me.

The VERA Institute, essentially given a mandate to cover up the story, was paid three million dollars to admit that many children died, and to loudly assure the public that no drug could possibly be to blame. They excuse high dose Black Box drugs used on infants and children, up to 7 and 8 drugs at a time, each of which is capable of killing an adult.

They do this while simultaneously admitting that they were FORBIDDEN from looking at a SINGLE medical record for ANY of the children. The VERA researcher then tells the Voice reporter, Elizabeth Dwoskin, that they really can’t be sure of their assertion, or any assertion, because they had no access to medical records.

That’s a nice three million dollars worth of bullshit.

I broke this story. It’s a national and international scandal. The data and information I provided is now the permanent record. Nobody disputes any detail, they’ll suppress it, but they won’t dispute it, they won’t allow it to be argued, because all of this is true and demonstrates the profound corruption that has become part of the medical and AIDS industry:

  • Children were used without permission in drug trials. Many died.
  • The drugs were almost to a one FDA Black Box labeled drugs, meaning they’d killed or maimed adults at normal doses, some with horrifying, literally skin-peeling toxicity.

I published that list of studies years ago, and from the start named the drugs, the major studies, and the major pharmaceutical companies who were benefiting from the free use of orphans, who were able to kill children in trials without punishment.

  • HIV tests are polyreactive, and they are the justification for labeling these children as ‘dead already,’ as expendable.
  • No children or families were compensated for their use, or their death. No money was paid to use, or use up these children.

So let’s look at the response by the AIDS police

“Attack Liam Scheff. Distract from the many dead children. Attack. Distract. Attack. Distract.”

“Don’t pay these kids who we’ve ruined, or killed. Don’t pay their families. Don’t admit publicly that HIV tests are polyreactive, and non-standardized. Don’t admit publicly that these drugs kill very well on their own.”

“Do attack Liam Scheff. Do misquote him, do ascribe to him any variety of statements or beliefs, or behaviors that certainly don’t have to be true or hold up to any scrutiny. Just say them loud, and repeatedly, and don’t give him a chance to respond.”

And there you go. There you go, liberal NYC. You’ve got a lot of blood on your hands, and you want somebody to wipe it on.

You can wipe it on yourselves. You can wipe it on the AIDS industry. You owe these children, and this community. You owe Washington Heights, you owe a lot. More than you can bear to pay.

My correspondence with the Voice reporter, Elizabeth Dwoskin is here. and here She was a self-declared ‘science illiterate,” who was unable to get through a single medical paper on HIV testing; she lied plainly to me about her intentions for the story, she begged for leads and sources and information, which I provided her, and she perhaps was a tool for her editor – read for yourself if you want to know some of what the paper suppressed.

I am available for radio and television interview. Please contact me via my website.

. . . . . .


14 thoughts on “The Village Voice Buries the Bodies

  1. Hi Liam,
    who the hell is Village Voice?? You are here and your informations are available on the internet. And poeple who care about the issue will find these informations and will find the truth. You’ve done a great job. Thank You.

  2. I have linked the story for my upcoming health supreme newsgrabs.

    But I also agree with what Stefan from Germany says in the preceding comment: Who are they to say anything about this story. The data is available, an it won’t go away, however much the Voice would like to snuggle up to AIDS orthodoxy and its associated killing.
    Rome – Italy

  3. The information is still out there. And anybody with some curiosity can read it, thanks to Liam.

    Funny how Ms. Dwoskin takes such an unnecessary turn from the supposed subject matter (foster kids used for AIDS drugs trials) to focus on a deceased mother from Van Nuys and a writer’s supposed “beliefs”. Of course, Ms. Dwoskin doesn’t question her own “beliefs”. Funny how that works.

  4. Liam,

    You have my deepest respect and admiration for taking on the dogmatists at the Church of AIDism… I’ve seen these kind of witch hunt tactics used over and over in a number of arenas that take on the all mighty Gospel of Officialdom.

    The same thing has happened to doctors and scientists who expose the massive vaccine cover-up … smear and slander of their work and findings by the Pharma-cartel and their media lackie$. Do know that more and more people are seeing through those who ply such weapons of mass deception and distraction. True investigative journalists like you are a dying breed, and I applaud your ongoing commitment to this issue in the face of such powerful vested interests poisoning the public with vile lies.

  5. April 6, 2009 — Demonstration in New York – Protest Village Voice Coverage Of ICC Scandal

    On April 1, The Village Voice published a story, “,” pretending sympathy toward the New York City “orphans” used in painful and sometimes fatal HIV drug trials at Incarnation Children’s Center in Washington Heights. These revelations had already hit the city hard in 2004 and were only recently the subject of a sham investigation. At least 200 children, almost all black and Hispanic, died.

    Asserting that only “denialists” would oppose these practices, the reporter did not disclose that she had received — but refused to read — peer-reviewed, published scientific information on high false HIV positives among pregnant women and newborns, and the terrible side effects of the drugs.

    Please join us at 4:00 p.m. Monday, April 6, in front of the Village Voice offices at 36 Cooper Square, New York City, for a demonstration in solidarity with parents and minorities to demand:

    – Publication of a new story about the inaccuracies of HIV testing and the deadly side effects of FDA-designated “Black Box” drugs, using actual scientific evidence

    – Release of the medical records on these children by the State of New York and Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center

  6. “There are at least 200 dead children lying in the wake of the high-dose drug studies done by Columbia Presbyterian on orphans in NYC.”

    Can you flesh out that number Liam? I looks to be ten times the number of deaths already reported.

  7. Fintan, they’ve trickled in the numbers, officially and then in interview:

    According to the VERA Institute report, twenty-five children died in the drug studies, an additional fifty-five children died following the studies (in foster care), and, according to Tim Ross, Director of the Child Welfare program at VERA, 29% (120) of the remaining 417 children who were used in drug studies are now dead (out of a total 532 children that are admitted to have been used. [AHRP on VERA report | VERA interview]

    No medical records released, just a giant black box put around the whole thing. The city and state need to get the records and, frankly, reparations to the community, family and surviving children.

  8. Liam,

    From one Journalist to another I think that is great that you were able to break this story. If innocent orphans are being use as you report, and I do believe that what you wrote to be true then may those running the test burn in hell. I also know that when the truth comes out those that are busted tend to blame others so keep up the good work Liam

  9. Ok, thanks for the detail. I found it in your other articles.

    Clearly the number of deaths in the trial is a poor reflection of the overall scope of this disaster. And you are right to highlight that number. But when you say these 200 died “in the wake” of the trials, there is a clear imputation that the trials were responsible for all the 200 deaths. That’s unfair and unfounded. I think you need to caveat you statement.

    I think you made a tactical error in trying to get Ms. Dwoskin to take the issue of HIV test specificity into account. She made a reporting farce by trying to marginalize your journalism by slamming your activism in her article.

    But in truth, an activist has to be very restrained and prudent when donning a journalism hat. You did that to perfection in your published articles about this –but in the follow-up your activism has understandably bled through. I say this as an activist/journalist myself.

    Ms. Dwoskin had every right to question your background and motivation in full in emails or by interview. It pertains to your possible bias in the articles you wrote. The same questioning is faced by any witness in a court case. It’s entirely valid.

    You tried to force the Voice to do an AIDS skeptic article. They wanted to do one on Incarnation. Sometimes you have make do with leveraging what you can get.

    Easy for me to say. You were on the spot and interviewing, then reporting on what are grotesque abominations in the treatment of defenseless, innocent children.

    You were on solid ground when you wrote to the Voice as follows:

    “Ashley was brought in for non-compliance, not illness, got a tube, was drugged, went home with the tube, was drugged continuously, and died.

    “Arial was non-compliant, not terribly ill, got a tube, I believe had a stroke, and died.

    “Shyanne was not sick, was non-compliant (did not take the drugs or like them), was therefore brought into the ICC, was given a stomach tube, had a stroke, went blind, died.”

    That’s the undeniable soft underbelly of the story.
    And the establishment’s most vulnerable point.

  10. First, your criticism misses the point, and I’d be happy to come on your show and talk about it.

    Yes, I’m an activist for informed consent, and yes, for these kids getting paid for what they went through.

    I received questions from the Voice reporter, and I answered them. She suppressed and did not report my answers. I was contacted to give them information on the drug trials. They shifted gears and wanted to do a personality profile in order to do an attack piece. They read no medical studies, no drug studies. They suppressed that information from their readers. They did not report on what is reported in the standard medical literature on the tests and drugs. So what are you arguing, for the suppression of medical data?

    I don’t know what an ‘Aids skeptic’ article is, versus and ‘Aids article.’ I don’t really give a damn about Aids skepticism, or dissidence, or denialism, or whatever. I do give a damn about reporting on the details. Medicine, in general, has become a giant black box – opaque to the public, unquestionable, the ‘received wisdom,’ dogma, etc. And the details matter, and they’re not reported. I was trying to get the Voice to understand that there are details in this story that matter.

    An investigative article on the drug trials at Incarnation is an article that by definition has to talk about the data on the drug trials, which are the Drugs, and the Tests that confine people to those studies. And the drug information is found again and again in the standard medical literature.

    This isn’t just the Aids industry. Don’t miss that point. This is widespread, and is affecting my country, and yours probably too, this lack of transparency on what drugs are, how they work, what medical journals say in the details, versus what they say in the NYTimes.

    We’ve got national health emergencies – so many drugs, and simultaneously, so many chronic illnesses, so many damaged children, and vaccine and pill manufacturers passing laws that prevent anyone from suing them for the damage their products do. Over and over again we’re getting this.

    * “200?” – 532 children were used in studies, so they say. The VERA institute drips out numbers of dead children, but without medical records. The last number they reveal is 200. They don’t do it in the report – they slip it in for a NY radio journalist, Rebecca Myles, who was incisive enough to ask the question – “where are the rest of the children?”

    Where is their accountability? Credibility?

    Look, smokers who quit cigarettes after many years, and get cancer, sue the tobacco company, and win. These children were put on immensely toxic drugs with carcinogenic properties and no long term understanding of the damages done by the drugs. Who are these 200? It was 25, then 80, then 29% of the remaining 417 children (120) who are dead. It is now 200 children who were exposed to all of these drugs, and, were still exposed to them after the trials, who are dead.

    What are the drugs? Who are these children? Have their families been paid any kind of reparation?

    These aren’t minor points, or filigree. This is what the VERA institute was supposed to figure out (but really not supposed to figure out, really prevented from figuring out).

    Let’s get the medical records and let the families and the living children see what they’ve been exposed to. These children and now young adults deserve to be paid, at least, for their loss of life and health, exposed to all of these drugs.

  11. You’ve done an amazing job. Thank you for standing up for what’s right, and not bending over to the will or scare tactics of these corrupt corporations. They’ve shown again and again that they attack anyone that dares question their HIGHLY flawed and incoherent lies, and yet you stood up to them and released this information to the world. I salute you.

  12. I don’t know whether HIV is real or a lie but what I do know is that NYC tested unknown and unproven drugs on a captive group of so called “orphans” (many just simply taken from their parents in accord with whatever the social work/political trend on the matter of removing children was on that particular day) without permission, without oversight, that to this day NYC doesn’t even know how many children it did this to, that they gave it over to a long time contractor with Administration for Children’s Services to “investigate” the drug tests, that the state of NY hampered even this “investigation” and that the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    The New York Times and Village Voice are to be condemned for covering up this crime and you are to be praised whether you are right or wrong about anything else. Thank you.

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