How to Talk to an AIDS Denialist – Episode 1


8 thoughts on “How to Talk to an AIDS Denialist – Episode 1

  1. This is the beginning of a beautiful comic strip.

    Absolutely brilliant, and incredibly funny especially to those who have seen their rhetoric. But somehow I don’t think Moore, Geffen, and Kalichman will find it funny.

    Suggestion: at some point, maybe soon, need to bring in their response to people who are “novice denialists” – those who just started asking the “wrong” questions, or happened to pursue the “wrong” line of research (e.g. Padian).


  2. LMAO, you also forgot to mention when proof is standing right in front of their face and they look right through you with an empty gaze as if you’re a ghost. Or better yet, “You’re one of the lucky ones,” (thought) – isn’t it time for a “cocktail?”

  3. This is good. Diggin’ the comic.

    First we criticize the dissidents, excuse me, MURDEROUS DENIALISTS (gong sounds) for not publishing in peer reviewed journals.
    Then we form a clique that only allows certain papers to make it in the peer reviewed lit, and reject any of the scientific papers indicating dissenting information.

    Am I missing something here? 😉

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