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The Emperor’s New Virus

House of Numbers

AIDS Special – “The Emperor’s New Virus”

Film maker Brent Leung digs into his hundreds of hours of footage from “House of Numbers,” to bring you a never-before-aired documentary that demystifies the gobbledygook thrown out by the perennial inhabitants of the Ivory Towers that protect the Pharmaceutical kingdoms.

Brent puts the camera on the question: What is HIV? Is it a real virus, or a handful of suppositions, bound together by ‘consensus’ agreement and greed? The answer comes straight from the mouths of the scientists credited with the ‘discovery’ of HIV and their peers – Luc Montagnier, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Don Francis, Robert Gallo Robin, Weiss Hans Gelderblom and David Baltimore.

These names are at the top of the ladder of AIDS muckity-mucks, the Ph.D.’s and tenured researchers who’ve built careers out of ‘inventing the AIDS virus.’

Robert Scott Bell and Liam Scheff follow the question to its answer, and take the double-talk out of AIDS speak, so you can understand the realities of this diabolically corrupted field.

Joining RSB and Liam are long-time journalist and AIDS investigator, Neville Hodgkinson, and M.D. Christian Fiala, with clips from Drs. Val Turner and Eleni Papadapulos of Australia, who put the AIDS mess in its proper, human-scaled context, and reveal what those paying attention have come to know:

AIDS, as in immune deficiency, is a real, treatable issue. And it has nothing to do with so-called “HIV,” which is a label stuck onto people by means of a scandalously artificial and inaccurate “HIV test.” A test that can’t tell the difference between a mouse, a cow, a dog and a human, but used to tell millions of Africans to take deadly, poisonous, liver, blood and bone-killing drugs.


Tune in for two hours of clear-eyed reality that will be repeated nowhere else in the media.


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