The AIDS Investigation

The AIDS investigation is expanded in Chapters 5 and 6 of “Official Stories”

The related Vaccination investigation is expanded in Chapter 5 of “Official Stories”

Question: Is the AIDS industry honest?

Ask yourself if you have ever heard this, or anything like this before:

“We can be exposed to HIV many times without being chronically infected. Our immune system will get rid of the virus within a few weeks, if you have a good immune system.”

Who said it? Luc Montagnier, 2008 Nobel Prize winner for ‘discovering HIV,’ (quoted in “House of Numbers,” 2009). But he’s been saying things like this for years. In the film, he goes on to agree that that Africans who are helped out of poverty (fed and given clean water, etc) can overcome the infection.

How about this?

“We followed up 175 HIV-discordant couples [one partner tests positive, one negative] over time, for a total of approximately 282 couple-years of follow up… No transmission [of HIV] occurred among the 25% of couples who did not use their condoms consistently, nor among the 47 couples who intermittently practiced unsafe sex during the entire duration of follow-up…”

We observed no seroconversions after entry into the study [nobody became HIV positive]…This evidence argues for low infectivity in the absence of either needle sharing and/or other cofactors.”

That is, 175 mixed (HIV positive/negative) couples had sex – anal and vaginal – for 6 years, with and without condoms, and nobody who was negative became positive.

Dr. Nancy Padian, the researcher who ran that study out of U.C. Berkeley, was also in “House of Numbers.” She said that HIV was one of the hardest viruses to transmit, and added that ‘everybody knows that.’

So, I’ll ask again:

Is the AIDS industry honest? Is it even close to honest? Is it transparent? Do you ever hear statements like these in the media? Would you like to know why?

If so, you’ll have to brave being attacked in print and word, by – you guessed it – the AIDS industry. Those who ask questions are smeared and libeled in the press, even for exploring or exposing publicly available information from the standard medical literature. The AIDS pharma goon squad (and there surely is one) will call you an “AIDS Denialist” if you dare poke your critical thinking past their threshold….

How do I know this? Because I have bothered to do exactly so. I have written critically about AIDS, and found it to be a violently corrupted industry, ruled by absurdly bad science – science infused and infected by the discredited racist science of the early 20th Century – Eugenics – but most strongly resembling Apartheid, in its construction.

If I told you that we in the West would find a way to put sexual restrictions on Africans, interfere with their childbirth and fertility, speculate anxiously at the pathogenic nature of the normative sex of homosexual men, drug massive populations with immensely toxic drugs that shorten life expectancy, damage and kill children and adults – would you assume I was talking about a science fiction novel?

What if I told you that you, yourself, would contribute to this program, wear its symbol, buy clothes that supported it, attend fundraisers, and openly praise the individuals whose obsession was this pseudo-scientific interference in the sex lives of the poor, African and homosexual populations of the world?

Maybe that’s too much to consider… but ask yourself, why are we obsessed with the sexual aspect of what we now call AIDS? Ask yourself why you’ve never read the Padian study. Why it’s excised from the Wikipedia page on AIDS – why this, the longest study of its kind, is censored in the media?

Ask yourself what Luc Montagnier is talking about, when he talks about improving the immune system of AIDS patients, in order to help them ‘get rid of the virus,’ and recover…

But be warned, you may quickly find yourself turning into an “AIDS Denialist,” at least, according to the goon squad.

But don’t sweat it…you’ll be in good company.

1 thought on “The AIDS Investigation

  1. “the cells in your body react to everything that your mind says. Negativity brings down your immune system” and once you become positive in a test that doctor told you, you get depressed, have a suicidal thought, and everything is hopeless – that is AIDS – A GENOCIDE – A PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE”

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