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The AIDS Investigation

The AIDS investigation is expanded in Chapters 5 and 6 of “Official Stories”

The related Vaccination investigation is expanded in Chapter 5 of “Official Stories”

Question: Is the AIDS industry honest?

Ask yourself if you have ever heard this, or anything like this before:

“We can be exposed to HIV many times without being chronically infected. Our immune system will get rid of the virus within a few weeks, if you have a good immune system.”

Who said it? Luc Montagnier, 2008 Nobel Prize winner for ‘discovering HIV,’ (quoted in “House of Numbers,” 2009). But he’s been saying things like this for years. In the film, he goes on to agree that that Africans who are helped out of poverty (fed and given clean water, etc) can overcome the infection.

How about this?

“We followed up 175 HIV-discordant couples [one partner tests positive, one negative] over time, for a total of approximately 282 couple-years of follow up… No transmission [of HIV] occurred among the 25% of couples who did not use their condoms consistently, nor among the 47 couples who intermittently practiced unsafe sex during the entire duration of follow-up…”

We observed no seroconversions after entry into the study [nobody became HIV positive]…This evidence argues for low infectivity in the absence of either needle sharing and/or other cofactors.”

That is, 175 mixed (HIV positive/negative) couples had sex – anal and vaginal – for 6 years, with and without condoms, and nobody who was negative became positive.

Dr. Nancy Padian, the researcher who ran that study out of U.C. Berkeley, was also in “House of Numbers.” She said that HIV was one of the hardest viruses to transmit, and added that ‘everybody knows that.’

So, I’ll ask again:

Is the AIDS industry honest? Is it even close to honest? Is it transparent? Do you ever hear statements like these in the media? Would you like to know why? Continue reading The AIDS Investigation

“HPV The Virus That Causes Cervical Cancer???”

by Liam Scheff

You hear it and read it everywhere: “HPV – The virus that causes cervical cancer.”

But is it true? The correlation is something like this:

Out of a million women, 1600 (drug-addicted, late middle aged prostitutes who never go for pap smears) will develop cervical cancer.

Counting? That’s precisely…

.16 Percent.

And this counts as “cause?” In other words, 99.84% of women who “have HPV” do not ‘get cervical cancer.’ Continue reading “HPV The Virus That Causes Cervical Cancer???”

The Bird Flu Breakdown: Two Children in Vietnam

This article was originally published in May of 2006 at It is presented here with updates noted under the section titled “Modified Specifics.” This was research I did concurrently with the initial publication, but was not able to wrangle into the first writing. – LS 2/2011

– flu survivors in Vietnam

The much anticipated bird-flu plague has yet to emerge, despite much hue and cry. This comes as no surprise to those of us who are familiar with the machinations of the WHO (World Health Organization), CDC and NIH, and their pharmaceutical partners.

But, for those more trusting of public health authorities who wish to know more about the making of public health policy, I thought I’d review some of the bright and shiny inconsistencies that have come into view on the bird flu.

Stray Cats and Chinamen

In March, 2006, The Associated Press reported: “In Austria, state authorities said Monday that three cats have tested positive for the deadly strain of bird flu in the country’s first reported case of the disease spreading to an animal other than a bird.”

The report quoted the World Health Organization (WHO), which said that “bird flu poses a greater challenge to the world than any infectious disease, including AIDS…”

Really? Bigger than AIDS? Who knew? But why would it be so? Because three cats in Austria tested positive? What does that mean? How many cats, in all of Austria, did they test? What would happen if you tested every cat?

How about every bird? How about every person? Do we know how many people actually have tested positive for bird flu? Maybe a dozen? A couple hundred?

How about millions.

Continue reading The Bird Flu Breakdown: Two Children in Vietnam

Rethinking Polio

Please find below my rough ‘show notes’ for the RSB radio broadcast [older link]. Feel free to add  in comments, and follow along

Listen live Thursday February 24, 12 Noon EST.

Review PCR:


Polio Notes:

1. Polio is Toxic Poisoning

The Industrial Age was marked by a constant stream of injury and accident, poisoning of the human population by metals, arsenic, and a dozen toxic compounds used in new industry. Chemical poisoning, not ‘viruses’ are the major cause of illness in the modern world: Continue reading Rethinking Polio

Have You Vaccinated Your Infant?

Tune into the Robert Scott Bell show, read Mike Adam’s Natural News – and keep up with the Government’s loving plans for YOU!

What is in a Vaccine?

“formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, thimerosal, and polysorbate 80 (Tween-80), gelatin, ammonium sulfate, formalin, and sucrose, sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin, chick embryo, hydrolized gelatin, human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue, aluminum hydroxide, benzethonium chloride, and formaldehyde, formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, and thimerosal, washed sheep RBCs, glycerin, and phenol -a compound obtained by distillation of coal tar, vesicle fluid from calf skins”

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Science Crossfire

By Liam Scheff
Salvo Magazine – Summer 2006

Here are three ideas that you will never see debated by the major media:

  • Was a bird-flu pandemic ever really likely?
  • Is AIDS in fact a sexually transmitted disease?
  • Does current evolutionary theory truly explain the diversity of life on earth?

Each of these widely-promoted beliefs is contradicted by more competing evidence than you can shake a stick at (from wide and varied sources), but you’ll never hear about it from the major outlets for science news – the New York Times, PBS, NPR, the BBC, or CNN – because the media simply doesn’t question the received scientific wisdom.

Because the major media doesn’t do science journalism the way it reports news.

When watch the news, we expect to hear crossfire and flak. We’re not flustered by divergent takes on policy. We feel that government business should be aired and battled over in the public sphere. We expect policy-makers and government officials to regularly submit to hard questions from the press, and to take the hot seat on the news shows.
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