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Conspiracy Realist Vs. Conspiracy Theorist – Front Row Battle!

The Conspiracy Realist versus Conspiracy Theorists! It’s a hot time on the PsoNick Aitchison show (Type 1 Radio Lounge) out of sunny Brighton, England battling out the Judy Woods concept of 9/11. Liam Scheff isn’t buying it – he’s detailed the 9/11 story in “Official Stories” Ch 4. But the crowd battles back with their arguments of energy devises and unknown Tesla machines. It’s a hot, hot, HOT conversation!

The talk then shifts gears to an exploration of the various conspiracy ideas of HIV and AIDS, and Liam weighs in with his 10 years of front-line research into the topic, featured in his book “Official Stories” (Ch 6). Then to Shakespeare, and finally Big Bang (MYTH!) and the Electric Universe (REALITY!)

Thanks to all for the opportunity and nice give and take!

HIV Fraud Liberation Day

by Liam Scheff
for the Robert Scott Bell Show and Natural News

It may come as a shock to realize that if everyone in the world who was supposed to be HIV positive, suddenly no longer cared about this designation, and returned the diagnosis and red ribbon to the doctor or clinician who gave it to them, that no further infections would occur, no HIV would be spread, and the entire notion of this virus would disappear entirely. What would be left in this scenario is not a world plagued by HIV infection, but a world in which many people are ill for many reasons: Poverty, pharmaceutical poisoning, street drug abuse, toxic environmental poisoning, pure starvation, filthy parasite-ridden water and fear. A fear promulgated and propagated by the AIDS medical front.

We on the Robert Scott Bell Show are proud to present a new video documentary release from the “House of Numbers” special edition film series – “HIV Testing Exposed, Revealed and Deconstructed.”


What are HIV tests? What do they do?

They are protein tests – they look for reactions between proteins in the test kits, and proteins in your blood.

But where do the proteins come from? The answer will astound, and possibly liberate you, and anyone you know who has ever been given one of these fraudulent tests.

In the course of two hours, we hear from AIDS industry and medical experts, who in their own words reveal in no uncertain terms that HIV tests are a complete and utter fraud – a game of three-card-monty, that overlay a cult-like belief system, a myth – the myth that AIDS is a transmissible sex disease. Continue reading HIV Fraud Liberation Day

Rethinking Polio

Please find below my rough ‘show notes’ for the RSB radio broadcast [older link]. Feel free to add  in comments, and follow along

Listen live Thursday February 24, 12 Noon EST.

Review PCR:


Polio Notes:

1. Polio is Toxic Poisoning

The Industrial Age was marked by a constant stream of injury and accident, poisoning of the human population by metals, arsenic, and a dozen toxic compounds used in new industry. Chemical poisoning, not ‘viruses’ are the major cause of illness in the modern world: Continue reading Rethinking Polio

Pre-Empting World AIDS Day Radio Weekend

Join Liam Scheff, Robert Scott Bell, and a panel of guest researchers, journalists and scientists on a full-frontal exposure of the AIDS machine.


Saturday 6PM – “The Investigation with Liam Scheff” with special guest, journalist Terry Michael, to discuss the ‘old-is-new’ pre-HIV drug ‘therapy’ for healthy gay and bisexual men. The death dealers at the NIH want to pre-drug you for AIDS, with drugs that will kill you over time, and can do so quickly! What is their rationale? And where is their shame? CLICK to listen “Does Poison Make You Healthy?”
Click to Download

Sunday – Two Full Hours on the Robert Scott Bell Show: – 1PM to 3PM EST, 10AM to Noon Pacific Time.

Call in at 1-800-259-5791 during show hours with your questions or comments. [CLICK]

Confirmed guests thus far include attorney David Steele, Investigator Clark Baker, Journalist Liam Scheff, Professor Charles Geshekter and Journalist Joan Shenton.

Sunday 6PM – “The Investigation” returns, with special guest, Jonathan Campbell, as we go through the history and technology of Linus Pauling, Matthias Rath, Vitamin C and reversing heart disease and immune deficiency (AIDS). [CLICK to listen – Vitamin C, Cancer and AIDS – What the NIH Doesn’t Want You To Hear]

Tune in and learn about the AIDS monster….

The news from on repeats like a nervous tick: “New drug breakthroughs could save the world from AIDS! This could be the one! The long sought Holy Grail.”

And every year, we’re sold a new cure – a potential breakthrough!  But it’s always been the same news for Twenty-FIVE SOLID YEARS!  “Look! We’re almost there! Just send MORE MONEY!!!”

So, is it true? Is the new breakthrough new?  Before we can answer the question, we must define our terms:

  • What is AIDS? It is Multifactorial; it is poverty and drug abuse – illnesses that are real! But under the “AIDS” banner, they are given a new label, a one-size-fits all brand name diagnosis.
  • What is HIV? “It” was LAV, then HTLV-3, then HIV, and now? It’s the “Trojan Exosome!”

“It” is a misnomer – another brand name for thousands of changeable bits of DNA, sucked out of cell cultures, passed through chemical stimulation to produce bits of protein. The AIDS mainstream makes a religious item out of these proteins, and grinds them down to synthetic ‘consensus agreed’ molecules, grown in labs. They say they represent one unique particle, even though they’ve been gathered from the four winds! And these proteins occur in people both sick and healthy.

AIDS is a brand name by which powerful pharma companies and governments convince you that the endemic and brutalizing poverty suffered by a majority of the world is somehow sexually contagious, and must be treated by toxic drugs and condoms – population control mechanisms….

On this weekend’s shows, we hammer and shake the paradigm and see what comes loose, and watch it tumble down, only to be put up again by your tax dollars, spent and misspent by Anthony Fauci’s N.I.H.

When will you take objection to the fraud? What if you were given a fraudulent HIV test diagnosis? Would you think, read and fight? Or would you lay down and take the drugs they prescribed to you?

Tune in to learn about this deadly paradigm, and how it has infected all of medical science….

The 11th Commandment – AIDS, Sex and Society

Liam Scheff Interview on Fintan Dunne’s AIDS is

In August of 2008, I gave an interview to Fintan Dunne of and We discussed the religious/cult dynamic of the AIDS industry and the catch-22 in which those who uncritically accept the paradigm find themselves. We went over the events of the Incarnation Children’s Center, briefly, before turning to recent admission by the World Health Organization that AIDS is, once again, predicted to be specifically confined to the African and Gay populations. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation.


Continue reading The 11th Commandment – AIDS, Sex and Society

My Interviews for the Village Voice on the Orphans-in-Drug-Trials – Will The Mainstream Covers AIDS Critically? (29% of ICC Children Have Died)

This has been updated, please see letter dated 3/16/2009

I was contacted in January, 2009, by a young reporter for the Village Voice called Elizabeth Dwoskin, who asked me to help her investigate the ICC story, and provide sources for her investigation. She told me her interest was in helping the children affected by the drug studies. I offered help by email and telephone, by providing material and sources for her work.

At present, Columbia Presbyterian is holding patients’ medical records hostage. They will not release medical records, neither to any investigating body, nor to the young adults who were put through medical experiments under the auspices of Columbia/Presbyterian and the National Institutes of Health.

These children can’t get their own medical records. The question I hope you will be asking throughout is:

  • What can we do to get Columbia Presbyterian to release medical records to the ICC trial participants?
  • Who can we write, petition or legally pressure, so that young people who were used in studies, or their families (because at least 200 children died in and after the studies), can read their own medical records?

According to the VERA Institute report, twenty-five children died in the drug studies, an additional fifty-five children died following the studies (in foster care), and, according to Tim Ross, Director of the Child Welfare program at VERA, 29% of the remaining 417 children who were used in drug studies are now dead (out of a total 532 children that are admitted to have been used. [AHRP on VERA report | VERA interview]

WBAI New York Covers the Story:

Continue reading My Interviews for the Village Voice on the Orphans-in-Drug-Trials – Will The Mainstream Covers AIDS Critically? (29% of ICC Children Have Died)

No Details Allowed – My Interview with Anne Lifflander of the Vera Institute of Justice

WBAI Radio New York on Incarnation Children’s Center Scandal:

Please find below my correspondence with the VERA Institute of Justice, which purported to be doing an investigation into the NIH/ICC orphanage clinical trial scandal. Reading their questions to me, and their refusal of my materials during the interview, you can get a sense of what the VERA Institute accepts, and does not accept in an interview with a journalist:

1. No names, no dates, no files, no interviews, audio, video, no pertinent, relevant, detailed information can be given to a VERA interviewer during a VERA Institute interview.

2. But questions about “feelings” are fine.

Continue reading No Details Allowed – My Interview with Anne Lifflander of the Vera Institute of Justice

Liam Scheff Interviewed by Heather Anderson on FM Australia

Heather: I’ll say briefly, which is probably a crazy word to use when talking about this issue, but can you briefly explain what the HIV/AIDS myth is or what the alternative theories about HIV and AIDS are that you have been researching and that you have been writing about?

Liam: Yeah sure, AIDS is a brand name. There was a phenomena in this country, in my country, in the United States in the early 80’s in a very small community, the gay community over here.
Continue reading Liam Scheff Interviewed by Heather Anderson on FM Australia

The ICC Investigation – Radio Interview with Liam Scheff, and ICC childcare worker Mimi Pascual on the Lizz Brown Show

The following transcript is taken from the 2005 radio interview on the Lizz Brown Show (, featuring Mimi Pascual, former ICC orphanage childcare worker and Liam Scheff, who broke and investigated the story. Mimi worked at ICC for 8 years over a ten year period. Her story is told in “Inside Incarnation” [1, 2]



Inside Incarnation

NYPress Orphans

30 to 50 percent

Pfizer Glaxo

Self med

3 days old

Lizz Brown: Welcome back to the Wakeup Call with Lizz Brown. Liam we have Mimi Pascual on the line. Talk to us about who Mimi is. Continue reading The ICC Investigation – Radio Interview with Liam Scheff, and ICC childcare worker Mimi Pascual on the Lizz Brown Show