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Letters from the AIDS Debate

Letters From the AIDS Debate – Boston’s Weekly Dig

The following letters were chosen for publication from the many received at the Weekly Dig in response to the first and second parts of The AIDS Debate – The Most Controversial Story You’ve Never Heard in May and June of 2003.

They tell the story.


The article by Liam Scheff was excellent – journalism at its best. For too long journalists have blindly accepted what officials have espoused without critical analysis. This cannot be said of Liam Scheff, who highlighted some major inconsistencies in the HIV dogma.

No doubt there will be a myriad of people fulminating against this article – but why? Do they not believe in freedom of views? Banning alternative opinions is surely tantamount to making this issue a religion. I feel, whatever the truth, that people should evaluate what they perceive as ‘true.’ Without dissecting the relevant journals, we are left with someone’s word as fact. Maybe we should all be a little more skeptical and inquisitive – attributes shown in this article.

R. Teperek UK
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