Conspiracy Realist Vs. Conspiracy Theorist – Front Row Battle!

The Conspiracy Realist versus Conspiracy Theorists! It’s a hot time on the PsoNick Aitchison show (Type 1 Radio Lounge) out of sunny Brighton, England battling out the Judy Woods concept of 9/11. Liam Scheff isn’t buying it – he’s detailed the 9/11 story in “Official Stories” Ch 4. But the crowd battles back with their arguments of energy devises and unknown Tesla machines. It’s a hot, hot, HOT conversation!

The talk then shifts gears to an exploration of the various conspiracy ideas of HIV and AIDS, and Liam weighs in with his 10 years of front-line research into the topic, featured in his book “Official Stories” (Ch 6). Then to Shakespeare, and finally Big Bang (MYTH!) and the Electric Universe (REALITY!)

Thanks to all for the opportunity and nice give and take!

3 thoughts on “Conspiracy Realist Vs. Conspiracy Theorist – Front Row Battle!

  1. HIV tests are non-specific, and don’t work!!?

    THAT bit of information…beside the fact that I’VE been ALIVE for nearly thirty years (as a gay man that’s had sex with, well, HUNDREDS of others) into this whole bit of bull****…

    Well…either I’m the LUCKIEST faggot on the planet…OR…I’ve got the CCR5 gene deletion.

    But our friends who test us…



    But where would their “plague” be, if they did? 🙂

  2. OR…

    a host of relatively new terminology should be directed toward me.

    “If” I have “HIV”…it’s “dormant” or “inactive” or “undetectable” (THOSE “options” weren’t available in the ’80’s). The list of EXCUSES for why a gay man ISN’T getting sick and dying of the dreaded “plague” would be hilarious, if it weren’t so incredibly serious.

    WHAT is it, though? Which AIDS fantasy is the correct one? Did gay men die in the early 80’s due to a “retrovirus”? Or did they die due to having ALL SORTS of recurring STD’s from having sex with dozens and even hundreds of men (can’t imagine that that wouldn’t wear down ANYBODY’S immune system)? Did GRID (gay-related immune dysfunction) make sense? From everything that I literally saw happening at the time, it DID.

    I remember the early days; and a friend of mine showed me his AZT bottle. It literally said: “toxic by inhalation”. Should I have just relaxed…realizing that he wasn’t inhaling it, but swallowing it, instead? 🙂

    1. Oh, yeah, he was dead within less than two months of taking this wonderful (!) drug. But, like everyone near him, I was supposed to believe that it was this scary retrovirus that killed him and NOT the AZT. 🙂



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