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The Writing is on the Wall for UNAIDS

The mainstream medical community is beginning to understand the limits of the Aids venture into Africa. Persons who are serious about improving the lives of the poorest in the world are thinking twice about the monies spent on the Aids campaign.

There is a call for the permanent disbanding of the United Nations Aids division, in order to re-focus efforts on the myriad of problems that plague Africans: Lack of food, water, work, safety, and basic medical care for malaria, tuberculosis, and dysentery.

The writing is on the wall for UNAIDS

By Roger England, chairman, Health Systems Workshop, Grenada
The British Medical Journal

HIV exceptionalism is dead—and the writing is on the wall for UNAIDS. Why a UN agency for HIV and not for pneumonia or diabetes, which both kill more people? [….]

UNAIDS should be closed down rapidly, not because it has performed badly given its mandate, which it has not, but because its mandate is wrong and harmful. Its technical functions should be refitted into WHO, to be balanced with those for other diseases.

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