Guinea Pig Kids Video Featuring Rapper Topic

A song about the story you’ll find on the “AIDS Investigation” page at this site. The story that broke my heart and cracked my soul more than a little. Thanks to Topic for making it, and Beth Ely for producing and helping to make it happen.

4 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Kids Video Featuring Rapper Topic

  1. Great work! Art/music can be a very powerful tool to enlighten people. Good to see this happening.

    How do “AIDS researchers” live with themselves!? Just wondering…

    1. In the grand scheme of things, I consider myself fortunate. I was already an adult before this whole “HIV/AIDS” scam was forced on us all. It’s been hard watching people I love and care about die via “AIDS drugs”, fear and a powerful belief system equating sex with death. But as tragic as it’s been, they had the choice to refuse “AIDS drugs”, unlike the Guinea Pig Kids.

      I remember way back in the old days, soon after a friend of mine was deemed “positive”. He showed me his AZT bottle, with it’s skull and crossbones. He had a completely dead look in his eyes and said, “yeah…you really need something powerful to knock this out”. He was dead within a couple months after that. “HIV”, my fucking ass! Nice of the bottle to tell him what was in store for him, though…

      1. Oh, yeah. On the bottle label was printed “toxic by inhalation” Whew! Guess that was a close call as my friend, Carlos, wasn’t inhaling them, but was swallowing them instead. 🙂

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