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Notes on a “Scandal”

The Aids Cabal is crowing glorious victory over their defeat of journalism, truth-telling, medical discourse and debate. That is, they’ve convinced the BBC to feel doubtful that the documentary “Guinea Pig Kids” should be allowed to stand, without correction from the pharma cabal that the film indicted.

John P. Moore of writes:


  • “By now, the leading AIDS denialists will be aware of AIDS Truth’s latest victory: The acknowledgment by the BBC of the many flaws in the Liam Scheff-inspired documentary “Guinea-Pig Kids”, produced by Jamie Doran, attacking the use of ARVs to treat HIV-infected foster children at New York’s Incarnation Children’s Center. Full details of this victory for science, medicine and public health will be posted on the AIDS Truth website, where additional material will be added once the BBC finalizes its decision on the fate of the producers and editors responsible for the inaccurate and damaging documentary.”
  • “Many AIDS professionals contributed to this fight against the BBC, although Jeanne Bergman deserves most of the credit.”

[….end excerpt…]

So, a few notes on the documentary in question.

It was released at the near end of 2004, in November. I provided what is called, original research, which really consisted of pointing to the National Institute of Health’s (that’s the US government’s) own database of clinical trials, and noting that the drugs they were using were Black Box labeled, meaning they’d caused severe disability, or death, in patients taking them.

And that these were being used in combination of 2, 3, 4, up to 7 at a time, “at higher than usual doses”, in children as young as 4 years old. That’s orphans, as young as four, and then, other drugs and vaccines, in infants as young as six months old. [Here]
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My Letter to the Guardian, “Serious Concerns over HIV Film”

Please contact the editor at the UK Guardian on their reportage:
email: or phone 020 7239 9857.

From: Liam Scheff to

Subject: Original investigator on “Flawed BBC Film” demands apology, correction

Dear Editor,

Please have your reporter, Leigh Holmwook, contact me, Liam Scheff, to correct the egregious errors in your reportage of the current attack on honest, critical, investigative journalism by the ‘AidsTruth’ pharma cabal. [Here]

Your reportage on this is missing more than half of the story. Your reporter Holmwood is quoting, at length, one Jeanne Bergman, activist for the drug use that is being criticized in the Guinea Pig Kids film.

You are citing the aggressor, not the aggrieved.

The issue at hand is the following – orphans in NYC were and are being used in clinical drug trials – “experiments” – with extraordinarily toxic drugs – as per the studies themselves.

Have a look at the title, the drugs, the warnings on every drug in the study, and the compound use of the drugs – seven at a time, in children as young as four years old.
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Who is AidsTruth?

Who are these people?

John P. Moore, Martin Delaney, Jeanne Bergman, Nathan Geffen, Greg Gonsalves, Nicholas Bennett? [Here]

Who are these people, who have taken it upon themselves to inform every reporter, news organization, researcher, and individual in the world, what is and what is not acceptable to talk about, or think about, in relation to the medical (and quite religious) paradigm known as “Aids”, “Aids drugs” and “Hiv Tests?”

God knows, if you read the actual, critical, useful, necessary medical literature on any of these subject categories, you find a wealth of fascinating, horrifying information, always running in seven contrary directions from what the mainstream advertises as “Aids.”

But, heaven help you if you report any of what the literature lays out in evidence, or what real people who are affected by the tests, drugs and diagnosis testify to, because if you do, the “AidsTruth” clan calls you…
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The BBC Gives in to the Aids Mafia

Received by email:

Dear Liam,

What’s your take on this? Do you know about it already?

‘Serious concern’ at BBC over flawed HIV film

My take is that it doesn’t matter. I didn’t know about it, but I’d never rested my hat or laurels on the BBC movie. I was trying to help some kids…

Most of them are either locked into the system for life (or dead from drugs), or they’ve semi-escaped into NYC poverty.

There’s nothing more I can add to what I’ve done. It wouldn’t be fighting for them anymore, it would be fighting for some perception of ‘legitimacy’ in the eyes of an establishment that does little but cower and lie, pedal deception, half-truths, fear-monger, etc, as a status quo.
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